Crafted By Nature

This stylish Terrazzo encompasses all-natural elements such as marble, granite, quartz, sand, cement and natural pigments. Another plus, Northstone’s resistant to abrasion and impacts, alongside being highly resistant to heat and atmospheric corrosion. Due to Northstone’s refined production process, it is less porous than common natural stones and conserves its colouring for years. Suitable for a range of applications, Northstone is the next natural masterpiece. Produced to the highest environmental standards, Northstone is constructed with eco-sensitive mineral adhesive and does not use resin-based binders.

Unmatched Uniformity

Northstone’s advanced composition process allows for original, natural or homogenous styles, providing unlimited solutions. Northstone is available in tiles and slabs. Custom orders are available for skirtings, steps, windowsills and pool surroundings. Northstone comes in a range of styles that can either be polished, honed, brushed, bush hammered, sand blasted or raw. Northstone Terrazzo’s tile sizes are 400 x 400 x 15 mm and 600 x 600 x 18 mm; whereas Northstone’s slab sizes are 1530 x 680 x 25 mm and 1530 x 680 x 30 mm. Ideal for all uses, Northstone is also available in custom sizes and designs.

Create Consistency, Continuity and Connection.

Creating your own Terrazzo is now a reality. From original logos to designer looks, there’s a path for every stylish idea. This high-tech evolution allows for artistic tastes to highlight the ‘personal’ and the ‘chic’ to suit any project.

This exclusive offering is only available through CDK Stone in partnership with Northstone.


Northstone is constructed with natural stones like marble, granite and quartz.

Northstone is an eco-sensitive product: its natural stones are bound without resin-based adhesives.

Northstone is compositional freedom: by choosing natural stones we can create truly unique designs, with limitless tailored solutions.

Northstone is homogeneous and solid; it is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

Northstone is heat tolerant and does not produce poisonous gas.

Northstone has a lower water absorption than most common natural stones, due to the advanced production process.

Northstone care is simple: it conserves its brightness for years.

Northstone is resistant to abrasion, bump, deflection, pressure and tear in case of anchoring.

Northstone’s products are 100% eco-friendly mineral adhesive.

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